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Victorian State Titles Results

Congratulations to all Sunbury members who competed in the State Titles. A great effort by all who entered. To our Mini Wheelers Ryan Hall and Ashton Sterjovski, we look forward to you also becoming future little champions of the club.

This year saw Rob Slatter compete in his 30th consecutive State Titles – a huge achievement. Rob won 1V on both 20” and Cruiser!

Wishing those who couldn’t compete, due to injury, a speedy recovery. See you back at the track soon – Frosty LaHood, James Lautier and Harvey Dale.

Thanks to Shepparton BMX Club and BMXV for hosting a great event.

V Plate Holders Cruiser
8-10 Girls- Tia Soderman 5V
13-14 Boys- Joshua Soderman 3V
19-24 Men- Corey Szatama 7V
30-34 Men- Brian Slatter 2V
35-39 Men Rob Slatter 1V
35-39 Women- Amie Main 7V
40-44 Men- Trevor Weber 3V

V Plate Holders 20″
10 Girls-Chelsea McDermott 5V
10 Girls- Tia Soderman 6V
13 Boys- Joshua McDermott 6V
13 Girls- Stephanie Stewart 8V
16 Boys- Patrick Bryant 6V
19-24 Men- Stephen Bull 5V
25-29 Men- Brendon Brazier 7V
30-34 Men- Brian Slatter 3V
30-34 Men- Grant Carra 7V
35-39 Men- Rob Slatter 1V
40-44 Men Trevor Weber 6V

5 Boys- Jace White
5 Boys- Dimi Hettiarachchi
5 Girls- Amelia Hindmarsh
6 Boys- Charlie Gardiner
6 Boys- Tyla Hall
6 Boys- Zane Hall
6 Boys- Toby Vernall
7 Boys- Hamish Hindmarsh
7 Boys-Tristan Sterjovski
7 Girls- Rydah Weber
Our Cruiser Riders:
11-12 Boys- Nathan Flanigan
13-14 Boys- Jagger Govic
35-39 Men- Aaron Rogers
40-44 Men- Cameron Gardiner

20” Riders
8 Boys- Sam Todd
8 Boys- Zakarie Williams
9 Boys- Cody Tanner
9 Boys-Noah Mason Weber
10 Boys- Zac Main
10 Girls- Ruby Ellis
11 Boys- Jai Bahnert
11 Boys- Luca Mason Weber
12 Boys- Jordan Stewart
12 Boys- Nathan Flanigan
12 Boys- Kane Stewart
12 Boys- Ryan Burnell
13 Boys- Brandon Ash
13 Boys- Joel Basiaco
13 Boys- Jackson Ellis
13 Boys- Joel Griffiths
13 Boys- Damon Hocking
14 Boys- Joshua Soderman
14 Boys- Jagger Govic
15 Boys-Coolum Linane
17 Boys- Christopher Bull
25-29 Men- Brad Gorrie
35-39 Men- Aaron Rogers

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